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Connecting Value With Service

It’s rare to find great Service paired with incredible Value, but at Microhound, we deliver the whole package to every client!

We understand that for you, business is personal. We invest our time in getting to know you, your professional needs, and your vision for the future.

Our personal investment helps us create a compelling digital image you’re proud to own!

10+ Years

We’re loyal to our clients, and they’re loyal to us! We’ve built our company on dedication, value-added service, and high-quality work. Our clients remain confident in our ability to deliver and refer their personal and professional contacts to us.

Minority Owned

We’re proud to be a minority-owned business and welcome the opportunity to employ and serve people of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. We believe that character still matters and have built our company on the principle of respect for self and others.

Licensed & Insured

We’re dedicated professionals who care about your peace of mind. We’ve obtained all appropriate business licenses and insurance, demonstrating our commitment to professional excellence and customer satisfaction.

Top Rated Google

We’re proud of the enthusiastic and encouraging customer reviews on Google. Client feedback keeps us on track for the future, and a positive review is the highest form of compliment. We’re always interested in growing and increasing our value to customers.

[   Testimonials   ]

Xavier always does great, timely work.

Super helpful attitude!

Frank Turek -, Best Selling Author

I want to thank the guys at Microhound for their redesign of the website. They took care of me; they will take good care of you.

Chris Broussard -, NBA Analyst

[   Digital Design   ]


In today’s digital world, image is everything. We specialize in designing fresh, engaging, and versatile graphics to suit your digital needs. Set your brand apart from the competition with innovative and unique graphic designs!


We put your website to work for you, creating a visually engaging presentation while capturing your brand and improving conversion rates. Let our expert designers create a compelling first impression for your prospective customers!

Your Brand

Your digital brand signifies your company’s unique identity to the global online community. It tells people why they should choose your company over your many competitors. We’ll give you the edge by skillfully refining and promoting your brand.

Social Media

Enhance your brand’s social media presence and drive targeted leads through our social media design and management services. We’ll help you engage with prospective customers in an impactful way that allows you to meet your goals.

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[   What Makes Us Different   ]


At Microhound, we believe value means getting the most out of a reasonable investment. We offer expert skills at affordable prices, understanding that businesses of all sizes require our specialized services to thrive in this digital landscape.


We recognize that your time is valuable. You have deadlines to meet and goals to achieve, which is why we make a commitment to each client, promising our full attention and availability. Microhound delivers…right on time!


The terms cookie-cutter and routine describe many website and social media services today, but at Microhound, we break the mold. We’re never satisfied with ordinary. Our passion compels us to bring you what’s fresh and innovative!


If you want to work with a team who knows you by name, takes an interest in your business, and is responsive to your needs, then we’re a perfect fit for you! We’re proud to be a part of effectively growing your company’s digital brand!

We would love to connect with you.

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[   Marketing   ]


If you want to engage, inform, and convert your audience into referring customers, our social marketing services will provide the boost your company needs. We’ll advertise your unique brand through a variety of social media platforms with a focus on driving targeted leads to your business.


Every business with a digital presence wants to rank high in Google searches. Does your website fall short? We speak Google’s language and will ensure that your website does too! We’ll optimize your site for Google rankings and increase your brand awareness in the Charlotte, NC area (and beyond)!


If your website is optimized and you’re ready for the next step, we’ll help you advertise your site on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Paid advertising ensures the right audience finds you at exactly the right time. We’ll carefully evaluate your goals and research the best methods for your specific business, ensuring successful paid advertising campaigns.


Organic website traffic describes the audience that finds your site through simple browser searches rather than advertisements. We’re experts in both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and effective content layout, which allows us to drive a larger volume of organic traffic to your site.


We employ the most effective tools for tracking and reporting your website and social media statistics. We’ll even go the extra mile with you and schedule time to review your reports together. You’ll have a working understanding of progress made, which allows you to set new and informed marketing goals for your business.


As your social media presence grows, managing your accounts can become overly time-consuming. Let us help! We’ll consider your objectives and work with you to layout a schedule and plan for your social platform. Then you can leave the rest to us! We’ll keep you informed about progress and areas that need growth.

[   HOW WE WORK   ]


We respect your budget and make it our priority! We’re upfront and honest about pricing and expect the same candor from our clients. We’ll work with you to build a plan that makes sense for your company.


We understand that your company is unique and has specialized needs. We’ll take the time to understand your business model, target audience, and growth goals with the intention of adapting our approach to suit your company. We’re ready to work according to your schedule and budget from the very first day.


At Microhound, we’re passionate about transparency, both in our pricing and reporting. We’ll show you exactly how our services have impacted your digital reach and brand awareness. We’ll discuss your reports and relate how your investment correlates with your company’s growth.


We haven’t delivered until we’ve given our very best. We strive to offer our expertise and skills at the highest levels, and we’re dedicated to client satisfaction. It’s our responsibility to represent your business in the best way possible. Therefore, we strive for both quality and integrity as we connect value with service.

We would love to connect with you.

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Microhound does a great job of managing SEO, link building and Google Adwords accounts. I highly recommend checking them out!

Daniel Trimpey -, Page Progressive

Microhound is an amazing company that has awesome customer service and always has work done promptly and professionally!

Colin Cole - , The Cole Group

Xavier and his team at Microhound did an AMAZING job on our new website! Not only was the website visually pleasing and fully functional (web & mobile), Microhound made all the changes we needed until we were satisfied for an extremely reasonable price. I am very happy the services and the prompt nature of the teams responses to our concerns. I highly recommend working with Microhound.

Clifton Means

Very professional! Great service since first call to full website completion it was a pleasure. Xavier vallhondrat helped to create an attractive logo for my company and web design. Such of professionalism and detail is rare to find among others web designers. I have referred Microhound to several of my trade partners and spoke highly of Microhound work as well. Thank you Xavier! You are a man of great skill and integrity.

Daniel Mendoza -, Shingles Roof Direct

Xavier and His Team did a great job redesigning our site. They are also helping us get found on the internet. We have been very happy with the results.

The past Several years we have worked with Microhound. They also take care of all my clunky computer issues. Highly recommend!

Crump and Company

Excellent service. Worked well with me to make sure my needs were met. Project was completed in a timely manner, and I’ve received nothing but positive

Bryant Pressley